Best Techniques to Use When Designing Research Presentation

So, you have completed your final year research project? เว็บตรงสล็อต Congratulations. Do you know what is the next step now? Yes, the next step is to make the research presentation and present the results of your whole research study to the research committee. Designing research presentation is not an easy task. Since it is the visual representation of your research project, โปรโมชั่นของเรา a huge amount of time goes into designing it in the best way.

As the researcher, you know your research better and know how to design it in the perfect way. However, it has been seen that many student researchers make common mistakes in their presentations. To help students avoid those mistakes, today’s guide includes the best strategies to use when designing research presentation. Before discussing the techniques, let’s define the term research presentation.

What is a research presentation?

A research presentation is simply a visual presentation of a researcher’s research work and its results. In this presentation, the researcher prepares a PowerPoint presentation in which he lists all the components of his research and describes them in a visual form. The most important part of this presentation is the results section of a researcher’s research. Also, as a researcher, you must pay close attention to it.

What is the purpose of a research presentation?

The purpose of designing research presentation is simply to share the findings of your research with your supervisor or research committee. A beautifully designed research presentation serves many purposes. Some of those are as follows:

  • Explains the significance of your research effectively
  • Clearly states your research results and tells about the research methods
  • Makes the audience learn more about your research area
  • Helps you get feedback on the potential lacking of your research study

Best techniques for designing research presentation

Designing a research presentation is the most daunting task that students ever face. According to a recent survey, more than 79% of people believe that making research presentations is a boring task. However, I do not agree with such students. I am of the opinion that with the best techniques to design research presentations, every researcher can make a beautiful and impactful presentation. Hence, a brief description of all the techniques is as follows:

1. Decide the purpose of your presentation

Starting off your research presentation without any purpose is like crawling in the dark without a destination. Therefore, it is important that you learn the purpose of your presentation first. The purpose of your presentation could be defending your research in front of the research committee, in an academic job interview, or attending a conference. Whatever the purpose is, just know it before your delivery of the presentation. The rest of the things becomes easy once you get to know your purpose.

2. Understand your audience

As a researcher, you probably would not speak to your supervisor as you speak with your friends. The reason is that both have different levels of formality, and you must obey those levels. So, when designing research presentation, do not forget to understand your audience. Design the content of your presentation as per the level of understanding of your audience. The typical audience of a research presentation is undergraduate and postgraduate students and scientists who have expertise in your area.

3. Plan the presentation

Once you are done understanding your audience, the next step is to plan your research presentation. Planning includes brainstorming about what sections to include in your presentation and what information would go in them. The planning stage also includes deciding the content of your presentation based on the number of slides that you want to have in your presentation. Hence, plan your research presentation well.

4. Limit the text and increase the visuals

Designing research presentation is about making it visually attractive. As a researcher, you must not add loads of text to your presentation. The reason is that the readers do not like to read the text, and also, in the 15 to 20 minutes of your presentation, you just cannot read the text. Therefore, to design the best research presentation, make extensive use of visuals instead of filling your presentation with text.

5. Use a variety of layouts

Another best technique to use when designing the research presentation is to use a variety of layouts. Each time you skip to the next slide, it must be built on a new design and background. It is necessary because when something new comes up suddenly during the presentation, the listeners listen tentatively, and watchers watch carefully. Hence, use a variety of layouts in your research presentation. If you cannot do this, get help from a dissertation proposal help service.


Designing research presentation from scratch is not easy at all, especially if you have no experience in doing so. Therefore, you all need to follow the best techniques mentioned above. As the presenter, you must limit the text and add more and more visuals.

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