Installation Guide For Helium 10 Chrome Extension

Installation Guide For Helium 10 Chrome Extension

You should download and install Google Chrome first because it is the only browser that supports the Helium 10 extension. Create your free account on the Helium 10 website after that. After creating your account, go to the extension page by selecting Xray from the Tools dropdown menu.

To access the page for the Google Chrome extension, click the “Download Now” button on that page. Helium 10 is now a part of your browser when you click the “Add to Chrome” button at the top right of that page and agrees to the installation. For more information about Zonbase installation you can visit the below link:

Use the Extension’s 

Go to first in order to utilize the extension. There should be an icon for Helium 10 to the right of your URL bar in the upper right-hand corner of your Chrome browser (if not, double-check your Chrome browser settings). Let’s look at Xray as an illustration of how to use the Helium 10 extension.

  • Try to find a product.
  • In the URL bar, select the Helium 10 icon.
  • Select Xray.
  • Wait for the chart to pop up.
  • You can sort and filter the chart as you choose!
  • Click on a product’s ASIN to view it in the list.

If a product has a blue “SP” next to it in the chart, it is sponsored as part of Amazon’s CPC program. Participation in the CPC program will have an impact on these products’ rankings; therefore actual sales and consumer demand are less important factors in these rankings. Give the rankings of those without the SP more thought since they more accurately reflect consumer demand.

The extension’s remaining features operate roughly in the same way. Some of the tools, however, are only accessible on specific pages. For instance, the ASIN is not available on product pages but the Review Downloader is.

Final thoughts

The array of features offered by the Helium 10 add in is excellent, ranging from assistance with listings and SEO to product research. You have free access to strong, well-made tools that will give you a competitive edge in the Amazon sales market. Because the extension of Helium 10 is free, unlike some of its rivals, you can try it out completely risk-free seeing if it’s the correct choice for you.

This add-on is effective. Helium 10 provides you with five fully-functional tools to employ, unlike some add ins that just carry out one task. The comprehensive Helium 10 assessment of the Amazon Seller Tools is available. Since it is one of the few all-in-one programs available, Amazon merchants of all sizes ought to have a look at it.

Final thoughts

ZonBase provides done-for-you services that let you delegate your company responsibilities to a qualified workforce in addition to Amazon seller tools for business automation. Finding the ideal products for your store is a difficult undertaking, so getting expert advice is usually a smart idea. With ZonBase’s product validate service; you can get professional guidance and validation prior to making your products available for purchase. Simply forward your product choices to a team of experienced launch managers, who will assess them and make wise recommendations.

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