Targeting Facebook Fans of Competitors.

It’s common knowledge that Facebook pages are a must-have for businesses. You believe you should join the Facebook trend. Perhaps you use Facebook to communicate with your existing customers or gain new ones. It’s possible to use Facebook to promote yourself to your competitors’ followers. What should you do?

How to set up your page

Before you even consider using it to attract new customers or your competitors, you must first create a professional and attractive Facebook page click here.

Although it is relatively simple to create a Facebook page for your business, there are some steps you should follow.

Click on the triangle facing downwards towards the right of any Facebook screen. You will see a list of options. Choose “Create Page.”

Please fill in all information requested. It is impossible to modify your category without creating a new page. So think carefully before making a decision. You might want to look at your competitors’ pages if you have any doubts. What classifications did they use for their porters?

Fill out the information and upload your profile picture (180 x 180 pixels). This image will appear beside your posts and should be your logo. Think carefully about what you want to say in the About Me section. This will be what your visitors will see on your homepage. It should be memorable. Look at your main competitor’s description and create something better than theirs.

Next, we will look at your Admin Panel. This is where you will most often work. This section will allow you to create an expanded About Me section that is accessible to fans who click on the shorter version of your homepage.

Now it is time to go over your opposition once more. What is the first thing you’ll notice when visiting their website? The cover photo they use to cover the top section of their homepage will be it. Your cover photo should be as striking or more so. The measurement of the piece is 815×315. If you don’t get it right, you will be disappointed.


Regular, engaging content is the key to your Facebook business page. Someone must maintain the page’s content and keep the conversation going. You can set up different rights for staff members in the Administration Pane.

Tabs can be created with content. Check out how your competitors use their tabs. Your visitors should have a pleasant experience. It is best to limit yourself to four tabs that are visible without scrolling. You might notice that McDonald’s U.K. has more tabs than just the four main ones. They also list them in an eclectic order. The main tabs are Timeline, About, Photos, and Students. More follows these. Clicking on this tab brings up McDonald’s Breakfast / House Rules / Loves / Locations / Video / Search Jobs / Visit us / McNuggets Saucy Challenge. Burger King, however, has only three items under the More tab. They rely on customers to navigate to the larger tabs.

Post regularly. Find out what your readers like and how you can engage them. Are they drawn to images? Do they enjoy statistics? Are they more likely to click on certain types of links? This information can be accessed by clicking “View Insights,” located in your Admin Panel. You can then monitor reach, engagement, etc., and see what works and is not.

You can highlight essential posts by clicking the star at the top right of each post if they relate to a promotion or other news. This will highlight the post horizontally across all pages.

Target Your Competitors

What can we do to target competitors? Many strategies can be used to target your competitors. However, Facebook recently changed its terms and conditions. It has limited the activities it accepts within its guidelines. It isn’t easy to find detailed information about pages other than your own since they have been very strict in their tracking policies.

Next, you should look at what your competitors’ Facebook fans say. Scroll down the left sidebar to reach the Posts to a Page section. Click that. Now you will see a page listing the most recent posts from visitors to your site.

These comments are yours. Find out what their fans think about them. How can you emulate what they do successfully?

What are these people complaining about? The McDonalds U.K. page was filled with fans complaining that the vouchers they received were outdated. You will immediately be notified of any potential problems. Many other complaints were made about poor service or dishonesty at a specific branch. Although there is no way to prove the truth of some complaints, they can still be a guide to public sentiment about your competitor’s performance.

How your competitors handle complaints can teach you a lot about responding.

Mcdonald’s response was not to respond at all.

Fanpage Karma allows you to access more information about the Facebook pages of your competitors, as well as valuable and interesting statistics about your page. If you want to access the basic information once, there is a 14-day free subscription. It will tell you which posts are most popular and encourage engagement. What do fans respond to the most? Are they drawn to photos, videos, or offers? Mcdonald’s is the only company that posts pictures. Fanpage Karma also provides statistics on the most successful days in terms of interactions. Fridays are clearly when Mcdonald’s posts have the highest success rates. This suggests that Friday postings are good if McDonald’s is your competitor.

Facebook Karma has a History and Benchmarking tab that lets you see which posts are doing well for your rivals. You might be able to benefit by producing more posts with high engagement. You can also see the top influencers and see their motivations. The Starbucks page was the most popular food and beverage page when this article was written. These ID numbers can be used to target your Facebook advertising.

Targeting your Facebook Advertising

You can target your competitors by advertising to people interested in your competitor’s pages. Even better, you can design ads highlighting the problems mentioned on competitors’ websites. A UK fast-food restaurant could advertise that they don’t give out expired vouchers.

Using the Power Editor option when setting up your Facebook Ad is highly recommended. You will also find quotes on Internet Behaviours and Categories. You can target competitors’ pages by searching for their names in the Interests section. For example, a fast food restaurant might target people interested in McDonald’s. You might also consider targeting a Lookalike Audience to your existing fan base via the Audiences section.

You can target the exact audience if your competitor is too tiny for the Interests field. Mcdonald’s U.K. targets 18-24-year-old Londoners, so our fast food restaurant could target the same demographic.

It’s not easy to find specific lists of supporters of your competitors. Facebook has clarified that you can breach their terms if you attempt to do so. There were once a lot of applications that could strip you of your I.D. Codes of people who visit your competitor’s Facebook pages. This is not an easy task. If you research and use my outlined techniques, you can focus your advertising dollars and promotion on your competitors.

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