What are the Common Mistakes to Avoid while Booking a Venue?

If you want to make your D-Day Special, the most important decision that affects it is the venue. Booking a perfect venue may sound like an easy job, but trust us it is one fraught with pitfalls that can affect the mood of your guests coming to your celebration. Looking for venue options online has helped in reducing the efforts of hunting the perfect one to some level. But things may get confusing as there are so many venue booking websites available over the internet. Whether you are looking for a wedding banquet hall or venue in greater noida for any other function, shortlisting and comparing them should always be your priority to know which one suits you better.

Here, we have listed some common mistakes that you need to avoid while venue hunting as well as booking.

Don’t be hasty while shortlisting!

We know it’s hard to resist when you start shortlisting the options. After getting engaged, the first stop? Looking for venues and comparing them on a website as you want to start searching and shortlisting as soon as possible. Before you begin with it, you need to be sure to think through what you’re looking for as there are 1000s of venues out there.

You need to get your basics right. For instance… Where do you want it? You need to be clear about the specifics. There are so many areas when you are checking Delhi Wedding Venues, therefore you need to consider travel time and everything while considering the area as well as the venue.

Then comes the question of how many people, you need to invite. For this, you should be realistic. If you go for a smaller venue then it may feel congested and if you go for a bigger then it may look empty which won’t look nice realistically as well as in pictures.

You also need to keep a budget in your mind too. It is also important to get a gauge on this, even if not a precise number. You may find you need to do a bit of venue research before you can get to an answer.

Don’t make a decision randomly

As we have said before, there will be plenty of options to choose from. You are going to find the fanciest on all of the venue aggregator’s websites. Such venues are not only similar but also very expensive at the same time. We would recommend you to discover the undiscovered. Just don’t sit on the fence and try to please everyone by going for something popular and expensive. You can even go for open space and get it decorated by a designer to make it look something unique. Hence, don’t restrict your venues, maximise your venue pipeline and be sure to compare all the important detail.

While using a website with multiple options, use their search filters to double down on all those details you worked through above: location, capacity, layout, budget. If you don’t do then you are not going in the right direction which can be random. Also, if you weren’t able to answer all of those questions above, then use the filters to your advantage.

Such websites have a ‘save’ or ‘favourite’ option, where you can create your shortlist, rather than creating excel lists. This will make the shortlisting process easy as it would be smart thinking. We would also recommend always enquiring with a minimum of 5 venues. Always keep in mind that a good proportion of venues will be unavailable on your chosen date if you are getting married in heavy season, keep the options open. Having another 5 or 10 back-ups on your favourites list is a great idea.

Ask the right questions, not necessarily every question

You’ve done some great work while researching for the venue. You’ve got a shortlist that you, your partner and your family are happy with. Most of the venue aggregator websites allow you to send an enquiry to those venues directly from the platform or if they don’t, the website you’re on is likely an agency and has a tie-up with the venue.

While going for the meetings, give the venue the right amount of information about your event. They would need to understand the capacity, the layout, date and timings of your wedding. And be sure to share as much as you’re willing to about the event. Don’t necessarily give away everything before making the booking. But it is worth describing everything you want at the event (number of food areas, audio visual equipment, food and beverages, the requirement of rooms) so that you can get a genuine and realistic quote.

Always pen down what questions you have about the venue and be sure to list them up front in the meeting. This will show the venue host that you’re genuinely interested and they’ll feel flattered that you asked and more willing to give the detail you need. Is there space for a drinks reception after the main presentation? Can I bring external catering? Am I able to decorate the venue myself?

Don’t ignore the other venues, even if it’s not your first choice

After making enquiries, the venue teams have started responding to you! They have answered all of your questions and now you’ve got a better idea of the price. First thing- if your favourite venue was unavailable on your chosen date, you’ve got two options. Suggest some alternative dates if yours is flexible or send the enquiry to one of your back-ups from the shortlisted venues.

Secondly, it is recommended to take some time to read and respond to every venue. Even if one, in particular, comes back to you with the perfect price and understands all your needs, be sure to reply to the other venues so that you keep them engaged and interested as a backup for the selected dates.

Thirdly, the most important thing to do is negotiate! We know it’s difficult but, what’s the harm in asking? Trust us, most people are always open to a discussion. Remember that the venue needs you as much as you need them. So feel free to send as many messages back and forth until you’re happy with everything.

After sorting the venue, don’t leave anything to chance

You need to ensure that when you think it’s confirmed, it is absolutely what you will be getting. Before you pay, it is recommended to ask for a detailed breakdown of everything. Read the contract carefully to see all the T&Cs so you can check for any additional hidden costs.

Also, don’t forget to test everything before the event itself and make sure all is working. If something’s not as expected, you’ll still have time to find a creative solution, with the help of the venue manager’s team.

Just be careful and keep your eyes open while making all the bookings! 

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